Nadra Card Centre for Best Documentations Service


About NCC:

NCC stands for nadra card centre which is our website working online and office based to provide all the best services to people who own Nationality of Pakistan but living abroad due to various reasons. Nadra card centre aim is to provide you all the facilities you want while living in Europe in the perspective of documentation.

All the services and process is internet based and you can apply for renewal and issuance by staying home and get your documents at your doorstep. Nadra card office is present in UK and monitoring all services from there. 

Our Vision:

The vision that leads us to make this platform on internet for the people of Pakistan living in Europe is that we can provide them some relaxation by giving them relief from visiting offices and waiting in long queues for their paperwork either in case of the Pakistan Passport Renewal or the issuance of Nadra Card. The only thing you have to do is to Apply Nadra Online by applying through Nadra Application.

Nadra card centre is providing services without break, we are available without any holiday whole year providing services for you, we are always working 24/7 each day throughout the year making our services unbeatable in the market.

Work in urgency:

Nadra card centre works for you in every situation of emergency when you are rushing for your documents so you can visit your homeland because we are here for you with easygoing policies. In case of expiration of your Overseas Pakistani Card or to Renew Pakistan Passport on urgent basis you can contact us through online by visiting website, filling form and submitting application, after confirmation you will receive a letter and then you can use your original expired documents. 

Extremely fast delivery service:

Our delivery service works at extreme pace so you can get your documentations as soon as possible. We also assure you all security and convenience throughout this whole process.

If you want to Renew Pakistan Passport within 7 to 10 days you can avail executive service for faster delivery. While normal service will take a month in delivering the renewed passport.


Passport renewal with ease:

On an account of emergency situation if you want to visit your country and you don’t want to rush in this less time you can get help from us. For your Pakistan Passport Renewal you have to fill a Pakistan Passport Renewal Form online. Now how to apply for renewal? Don’t worry we are telling you the whole process.

  • First, log in to your account by using website link and click on Apply now bar.  Fill the asked information and let website prepare an application on your behalf.
  • After application preparation you have to submit the form.
  • After submission select service of passport renewal. 
  • Then you have to send us the required documents through email or whatsapp. 
  • After receiving documentations we will confirm your identity through biometric verification.


And by this process we will prepare and give your documents on your doorstep within time. 

Visit website and enjoy our services.\

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