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    If you are an overseas Pakistani living in Germany, Spain, or Norway, you are eligible for POC (Pakistani overseas card), or if you don’t have any blood relation, you can still apply on behalf of your spouse apply now through Nadra Card Centre

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Nadra Card Application

Why Choose Nadra Card Centre for Online Nadra Card Application?

Nadra Card Centre is successfully providing its Pakistan Nadra Card service all across Europe. It is an efficient organization that deals with each case professionally and effectively.

Each applicant’s Nadra Card UK applications are subject to top priority, and every application gets full attention from the proficient team members.

The team at Nadra Card Centre is trained to assist customers with all their issues and provide them with complete satisfaction. With only one upfront payment, the Nadra team ensures that every customer applying for their Pakistan Nadra Card is happy with the services provided by the company.

Who Can Apply For Nadra Card UK?

Pakistan Overseas Card Online (NICOP Renewal ) is issued to an eligible citizen of Pakistan who lives or has a reference abroad. Thus any Pakistani living abroad can apply for Nadra Card with the help of our Apply Now form at Nadra Card Centre.

Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for a Nadra Card Renewal Online or Pakistan Nadra Card and can travel to Pakistan without requiring any other documentation in case of dual nationality through Nadra Card Centre.

How Can I Apply for Nadra Card UK Online?

To apply for the Nadra Card UK, follow the instructions on the website. The documents required for applying for a Nadra Card, Renewal or New, are also on the website.

For further information and inquiries, Nadra Card Centre clients can contact the team around the clock. The team is available on live chat, calls, emails, and calls. Your inquiries can be answered anytime you wish.

Nadra Card UK

Nadra Card Renewal Online:

How Can I Renew My Nadra Pakistan Card Online in the UK?

Nadra Nicop Card Renewal Online is easy and convenient with Nadra Card UK. You must have all the required documents for Nicop Renewal UK. Apply Online through NCC. The necessary documents are mentioned here on the website. You can easily gather your documents using the list mentioned here.

At Nadra UK, you can apply for Nadra Card Renewal Online whenever convenient. The services provided 24/7 around the clock make it possible for applicants to apply for or inquire about their Nadra Cards any time they find suitable.

Why Choosing Nadra Card Centre UK for Online Nadra Card Application is a Good Choice?

  • NICOP Renewal Online Application are paid for as an upfront payment. All along the Nicop payment, No are no hidden payments,
  • Nadra Card Centre also provides Nadra tracking services for its clients with which they can stay up to date with the progress of their Nadra Card.
  • Nadra Card UK is proud to provide such efficient services to its customers, delivering the cards of applicants to their mailing addresses.

How Can I Apply for Nadra Card Online?

  • Nadra Card Renewal Online is pretty easy to follow.
  • You must first provide the documentation required for Nicop Renewal in electronic form.
  • Then, a representative from Nadra Card Centre completes all of the paperwork for your Nicop Renewal application without error or the risk of rejection.
  • Nadra Card Renewal UK application is forwarded for processing when the consumer approves.

Following All The Steps, the card is submitted for printing before being delivered to your postal address!

Click This Link to Begin Your Nicop Card UK Application:

Nadra Card Renewal Online:

(Pakistan Origin Card ) POC

Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is introduced to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots;

Whilst Ensuring That Pakistan Remains Tightly Integrated With Expatriates Worldwide, Which Include:

⦁ Free Entry Into Pakistan
⦁ Indefinite Stay in Pakistan
⦁ Exemption From Foreign Registration Requirements
⦁ Permission to Purchase & Sell Property
⦁ Right to Open and Operate Bank Accounts

(Pakistan Origin Card ) POC Nadra

FRC (Family Registration Certificate)

FRC can only be used for verification purposes like acquisition for higher education, immigration, and official or foreign visits.

Your NADRA Family Registration certificate will be sent to your given e-mail address within 2-4 working days.

You can apply for online FRC Nadra with our Nadra Card Centre services in the subsequent three categories:

  • By Birth – The certificate will show your family details, i.e. parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage – The certificate will show your family details, i.e. spouse and children.
  • By Adoption – The certificate will list your family details, i.e. guardian.
FRC Nadra(Family Registration Certificate)


Nadra Card (NICOP)  Renewal Online  It is Fairly Easy to Get your NADRA Card Online UK. Pakistan OverseasCard All You Need to Do Is, Provide Us With The Relevant Information Alongside The Documents. Nadra Card Centre Will Do the Rest For You!

Disclaimer : Nadra Card Centre Help Customers Complete And Submit Their Forms Correctly


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