Get Your Documents Verified Quickly and Safely

Get Your Documents Verified Quickly and Safely

Do you know about our Nadra card  Online services? Have you tried any of them? We must say you would have a worth-enjoying experience working with our team. We can renew your passports, Nicop, FRC, POC, and other documents. We can render the services to apply from a new document. We can assist you in searching for the lost one. In simple words, we have brought an all-in-one service site for UK citizens.

From the issuance of the New Nadra Card for UK newborns to Renew Pakistan Origin Card, we have got you covered. Every Pakistani who came abroad with a dream to get admission to the renowned institute, or for a high-paying job needs these documents to carry with him. Therefore, we have brought things to your fingertips. You can access our Nadra Online services anytime from anywhere. And can also apply for whatever document you need at that time.


Family Registration Certificate

Many Pakistanis who first came alone to the UK, once settled, try to bring their family from Pakistan to abroad. While others who have their family already in the UK and want to travel with them to Pakistan. Whatever your reason to travel is, you need this Family Registration Certificate to verify the identity of yours and your family also. It contains essential information about your families such as of your spouse and the kids.

Those who when moved abroad were single and now have a family that is a married man, need to apply for FRC Nadra Online. Are you surprised to hear that now you can get your FRC online?

We Nadra Card Centre UK has set up a website offering all kinds of Nadra Online services. So, from now onwards those Pakistanis who are living in foreign countries can apply for any document. Whether you are in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, or any corner of the world. Our website has got your back for a number of paperwork needs.

Urgent Nicop Renewal and Tracking

When you are in an emergency to travel and your Nicop is expired, you can get into serious trouble. To avoid any delays we have reduced our Urgent cnic Delivery Time to 7 working days. So, if you need to visit Pakistan on an urgent basis, you may let us know 10-15 days before your date of departure. We will help you in quickly submitting your application and will send you a permission letter to safely travel with your expired NICOP card.