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How Can I Renew My Pakistani Nadra Card Online?

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues at the embassy to renew your Pakistani identity Card. The tiring paperwork and endless hassles made everyone dread Nadra’s card renewal. Nadra Card Centre is here to facilitate Pakistanis around the globe to renew their Pakistani ID card Online. Apply for Nadra Card Online. Yes, you read that right, ONLINE. No need to visit any office or embassy for Nadra services as Nadra Card Centre has brought all the Nadra services at your disposal, and that too in your comfort zones.

If you are at home or the office, you can access the Nadra card center easily through a simple internet connection.

The Process Is Pretty Simple Too:

You need to arrange a few required documents and send their soft copies to our agent, who will be responsible for filling out your application forms according to the data provided by you. Once the forms are filled, if you are 18 years old or above, you will receive a prepaid return envelope that includes the fingerprints form and ink pad. With your data, documents, fingerprints, and approval, your Nadra application will be sent to the Nadra head office for further processing.

At Nadra Card Centre, your application will be approved, and your card will be printed and dispatched to your mailing address shortly. So, yes, you can renew your Pakistani ID Card Online with Nadra Card Centre UK and receive your card at your doorstep. How Much Does It Cost To Renew Nadra Card UK? The cost of renewing Nadra Card Online depends on the type of service you choose.

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Fast: £199 each
  • Urgent: £180 each
  • Slow: £150 each

Note: This is a one-time payment; no additional charges will be added.

How Long Does It Take To Renew Nicop?

Renewing your Nadra identity card for overseas Pakistani (Nicop) takes about 7 to 10 working days to 6 working weeks, depending on the type of service you choose.

You Can Choose From The Services Mentioned Below;

  1. Fast: £199 each, in 7-10 Working Days of service. That is from the day we submit your application.
  2. Urgent: £180 each, in 3-4 Working Weeks Service from the day we apply.
  3. Slow: £150 each, in 6 Working Weeks Service from the day we apply.

Moreover, with Nadra Card Centre UK, you can keep track of your application. When your application is submitted to the Nadra head office, our agents will provide you with a tracking ID. You can visit our website,, and choose the track your card option. Insert your Nadra Tracking ID to know the status of your Nadra application.