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Good News! Now You Can Travel With an Expired Nicop!

Nadra Card UK is an online service provider that makes all your Nadra-related work so convenient for you Nadra Card Renewal!

At Nadra Card Centre, we understand that you need assistance with your Nadra application, as processing your Nadra application through the embassy or consulate is full of hassles.

The hassle of standing in long queues, filling the never-ending forms, and many more.

At Nadra Card Centre, the services provided are designed keeping in mind the convenience of our prestigious customers. Our customers feel like royalty when they get our services. We want to make this whole process a piece of cake for them.

All Pakistanis living abroad know the importance of their Nicop. Having an Expired Nicop is a nightmare for them, so most of them keep the expiration date of their Nicop in check. They prefer getting the Nadra Card Renewal UK as soon as possible. But at times, we humans miss the expiration date of our Nicop and are worried when traveling.

One can’t Travel to Pakistan with an Expired Nicop, yet with Nadra Card Centre; One can be reassured. Nadra Card UK provides its customers with the facility of getting urgent Nicop Card Renewal. Nadra Card Centre, you can get your expired critical Nicop renewal application processed in a day. Yes, you got that right. Nadra Card Centre UK is here. Tow helps you travel immediately within Anne expired Nicop by providing you with its services of processing your Nicop application in a single day. Once you apply for urgent Nicop service, we at Nadra Card Centre UK process and submit your Nadra Card Renewal application on the same day and provide you with the submission slip. You can easily travel with this submission letter and your expired Nadra. Make sure to check what’s your airline before traveling. This facility has helped many who realized at the 11th hour that their Nadra Card UK is expired. We help them get rid of their worry and assist them in reaching their destination in time.

What Documents Are Required to Get Your Nicop Card Renewal Urgently?

To Renew Your Nadra Card, You Must Submit a Few Required Documents. These Include the Following:

  • A valid copy of a foreign or Pakistani (front page)
  • A Recent-Size Photo
  • Married applicants only need to submit a marriage certificate
  • A copy of the Nadra card of parents or siblings
  • Permit for residence
  • A front and back copy of the current Nadra Card

Note: In addition to the papers mentioned above, you may also submit the following ones depending on the nature of your application.

How to Apply For Urgent Nadra Card Renewal?

Click on the apply now form to apply for an urgent Nicop Card Renewal, and we will contact you immediately. Once the contact is established, you will be told the whole process in detail.

After payment of the fee, your application is processed and submitted on the same day. You will receive your submission letter with which you can Travel UK to Pakistan.

What is a Letter of Submission?

With the help of Nadra Card Centre UK’s urgent Nicop Card Renewal services, you can get your application processed the same day it is submitted. Once you have all the necessary documentation, we will process your file and deliver you a soft copy of the fingerprint application. After you return it, We will apply to the Nadra head office and provide you with the letter attesting to applying proof of the renewal of your Nicop.

YES, You may travel to Pakistan with Expired Nicop through submission letter.

Items Required For URGENT Online Nicop:

When Requesting an Urgent Nadra Card Renewal, the Following is Required:

  1. The necessary paperwork
  2. Printer
  3. Inkpad

The application process is easy; once you’ve provided all the necessary paperwork, we’ll finish it in a single day and email you the forms you need to submit your fingerprints.

You must return the scanned copy of the form to us (in a 600 dpi, 2 MB file) after having your fingerprints taken.

Following this, we will submit your application and provide you with a submission letter.

You can travel easily with that submission letter and the original expired card.

What Paperwork is Needed For An Urgent Nicop:

It is better to keep your NICOP up to date since you cannot enter Pakistan with an expired one. Nadra Card Centre can help you renew your Nicop immediately if you still need to do that.

How Long Does it Take to Nadra Card Renewal - Nadra Card UK

How Long Does it Take to Renew Nadra’s Card? – Nadra Card Centre

Nadra Card UK is an online Nicop services provider working for its clients. Nadra Card Centre works around the clock to ensure quick Nadra, Nicop Renewal, and many other application processing

It takes different numbers of days to get your Nadra Card Renewed through Nadra Card UK, depending upon the customer’s chosen service.

Nadra Card Centre provides three essential services for Nadra Card Renewal Online.

These Include the Following:

  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Urgent

These are the essential services, but there’s more good news, Nadra Card UK also provides services for your Urgent Travel Plans. You Can Travel With An Expired Nicop 

How Can I Travel on an Urgent Basis if My Nicop Renewal Is Due?

If your Nadra Card is expired and you must travel urgently, Nadra Card Centre has covered you.

You can apply for our exclusive Urgent services through which your Nadra Card Renewal application is processed and submitted in a single day. We are provided with a submission letter. Upon getting the submission slip, you can easily Travel. You will need your valid, Expired Nicop and the submission slip.

How to Nadra Card Renewal Online?

The Nadra Card Renewal Online is a relatively easy task. Our Nadra Card UK team can make the whole procedure easy and convenient for you.

The first step to getting your Nicop renewed is to fill up the ‘apply bow’ form on our website. That will help us get back to you.

Once our connection is established, we will proceed your Nicop Renewal application .

The first thing we ask you to do is to gather all the required documents.

Once you submit your required documents, we go through them thoroughly to verify them for further process.

After verifying your documents, we will do all the paperwork for your Nadra application. This application is first sent to you for confirmation of your details. After your approval, we will send you the biometric or fingerprint forms to your mailing address.

The biometric form comes in a prepaid return envelope with an inkpad for your convenience.

You must use the ink to get your fingerprints on the form correctly. We are sending you a tutorial video to ensure the correct biometric form. You can watch the video thoroughly and follow it step-wise.

After you complete the fingerprint form, you mail it back to us without additional cost, as we already pay for its return.

After receiving your fingerprints, we process your Nicop Renewal application and send it to the Nadra head office.

At the Nadra head office, your application is verified and approved.

The approval follows by your card being sent for printing.

Once your renewed Nicop is printed and dispatched to your mailing address.

The only work you need to do in this process is to give us your documents and fill out the fingerprint form. The rest is all done by our well-trained staff.

How Can I Keep Track of My Nicop Renewal Application?

Nadra Card Centre UK provides Renewal services and facilitates its customers with their Nadra Card tracking.

Once the client’s application is suitors to Nadra Head office, we provide the applicant with their tracking ID. This tracking ID can be used to track their Nadra applications’ whereabouts.

The applicant can easily use this tracking code on our website to know the status of the Nadra Card Once the tracking ID is typed into the tracking bar, one of the following statuses of the application are shown:

  1. Approved and submitted
  2. Sent for printing
  3. Dispatched
  4. Deferred

The first stage means that the information on your Nadra application is verified, and your request for Card Renewal is approved.

The following status tells that your card is derived from the printing process.

The third status indicates that your card has been printed and delivered to your mailing address.

The fourth status means that, for some reason, your Nadra application is not accepted. Some documents need to be included, or the head office requires more records for verification.

Yes, You can Travel with an Expired Nicop - Submission Letter | NCC

Can I Travel to Pakistan With an Expired NICOP

Yes, You can travel to Pakistan with a Nicop Renewal application submission letter. You can travel to Pakistan easily. Traveling to Pakistan with an Expired NICOP seems like a bad idea. Nadra is here to provide you with an alternative! You can travel to Pakistan with the Submission letter, which we provide you for urgent traveling. No need to worry. Just apply now and enjoy your traveling now

What is a Nadra Card Renewal?

A Nadra or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a registration document issued to an eligible citizen of Pakistan who lives or has a reference abroad. Any citizen of Pakistan can apply for Expired Nadra Card Renewal Slip Yes. You can travel to Pakistan with an expired Nicop. The card is supposed to be produced at domestic or international entry or exit terminals, so you cannot travel with an expired NICOP!

What is a Submission Letter?

Nadra Card Centre offers you urgent Nicop renewal services with which you can get the application processed on the same day of submission. Once you give us all the required documents, we will process your document and email you the soft copy of the application for your fingerprints.

After you submit it, we will apply to the Nadra head office and send you the application submission letter as proof of Nicop Renewal. You can use this submission letter for Travelling to Pakistan.

Do I Need Anything When Applying for URGENT Nicop Online?

When Applying For Urgent Nicop Renewal, One Must Have The Following:

  • Printer
  • Inkpad
  • Scanner

The process is very simple, and once you submit all the required documents, we will complete your application in one day and send you forms via email for fingerprints on the same day. After putting your fingerprints on the form, you must return the scanned copy (in 600dpi-2MB file) to us. After this, we will submit your application and give you a submission letter. With that submission letter and original expired card, you can easily travel.

What Documents are Required For Expired Nicop:

One cannot enter Pakistan with an Expired NICOP, so it’s better to keep it updated. If you still need to do that, we provide an urgent Nicop renewal service.

For This Service, You Need to Have The Following Documents:

  1. A valid copy of a Pakistani or foreign (front page)
  2. Latest size picture
  3. Marriage paper only for married applicants
  4. Parents of siblings Nadra card copy
  5. Residence permit
  6. Existing Nadra card copy, front and back

Being an Online service provider, Nadra Card Centre makes the Online Nadra application easy for you. Thus you can sit in the comfort of your home, relax and apply Online for your Nadra Card UK.

Can I Travel To Pakistan With Expired Nicop? - Nadra Card Centre

Can I Travel To Pakistan With Expired Nicop

Sometimes, people buy and confirm their tickets and then get to know that their Pakistan Overseas Card has expired. They start to panic because they don’t know what to do. The tickets have been confirmed, and you must meet your family in Pakistan. But how can you travel when your Nadra-issued Nicop Card is expired? It might cause a lot of trouble if Nadra Card Centre wasn’t there to tell you what you should do.

You can travel with your expired application now through Nadra Card UK. We have a quick and simple solution for you that won’t interrupt your plan to travel to Pakistan. And our team will help you throughout this process.

How Can I Travel With My Expired Nadra Nicop?

Besides all the paperwork services we offer you, Nadra Birmingham has also got your back in this rough situation. We can understand how hurtful and disappointing it is when you know at the last moment that your Nicop is no longer valid. It will suddenly ruin your mood as you were so excited to see your friends and family after such a long time.

We also know that many of our Pakistani brothers and sisters have been staying in the UK for several years. Some of them had come on education, others on work, and the rest had other reasons. Therefore, to help them out, however, we can give them pleasure and contentment.

When you have to know about your expired Nadra Nicop Card even after booking your tickets, visit our website. You can check out our page for urgent Nicop Renewal

We have described a simple 3 step process to prepare and submit your online application for Urgent Nadra Card Renewal.

This service of ours gives you the facility to submit your application and receive a permission letter to travel. After receiving your application, we send your application for processing and provide you with a submission letter. Along with this letter and your original expired Nadra Nicop, you can travel with no restrictions. Yes, it is totally a safe method and also Federal Immigration Authority, Pakistan has allowed dual nationality citizens to travel to Pakistan using this way

Our Advice For You

The process we have mentioned above is only applicable to the urgent Renewal of Nicop. Otherwise, Nadra Card Centre urged you not to book your tickets unless you receive your complete documents from us. There are several factors that may cause a delay in your application process. The estimated time to complete and deliver the documents on our website is correlated to the Nadra services. If they provide us the documents in time we will also deliver them to you as promised. But sometimes it is seen that the mistake of the applicant that they made during the form filling or in documents later causes problems like delay or rejection. For this kind of hassle, Nadra Card Office won’t be responsible.


Nadra Card Centre UK Is Trending In The Best UK Paperwork Services

Nadra Card Centre has been an outclass and remarkable service provider for several years. We have served thousands of people visiting us every day to ask for help and guidance in the paperwork process. The reason behind the foundation of this Nadra UK Office was only to provide people with a safe and easy way to accomplish their documentation tasks. There are various documents we need at different times when we are moving to a foreign country. That’s why Nadra Card Centre has brought to you the convenience to get any kind of help with paperwork with just a phone call. Our hard-working and devoted team is all ears to you 24/7 so, you will feel free to contact us at your suitable hours.

Why Us?

This question may arise in your mind if you are new to Nadra Birmingham. But it’s okay to ask any query you have and we would be pleased to satisfy you with our response. Developing friendly relations with customers helps us to know better about their problems and concerns and we try to find out solutions accordingly.


✓ The first and foremost important thing while applying for any online documentation service is to make sure they are registered, safe, and authentic. While living abroad you can’t afford to get into such kind of trouble. When we talk about NCC, it’s a 100% safe and registered website to apply for Nicop Card or Renewal process.


✓ We have an experienced team of talented individuals who know all the details and complications of the application process. Hence, we always try to ensure the best customer experience on our website.


✓ We are easy to access from anywhere at any time. How? Because we are operating online with 24 hours active service. Therefore, people don’t need to visit our office. If you are running out of time simply go to our website and fill out the form and then we will get back to you in the least possible time. You can also send your applications to us from other countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, etc.


 What did We do?

Nadra UK is providing you with a paperwork service for different documents.


Right now our provision of service is applicable to the following list of documents:


National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP or Nadra Card UK)

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Nadra Card for UK Newborn

You can apply for the issuance of the new document, renewal of the previous expired one, modification in the old document, and also tracking of the document if it is lost. Yes, Nadra Tracking service is no doubt an amazing service from which hundreds of people are taking advantage to find their documents without hassle.


With our unbeatable and super-fast tracking service, you can reach your lost or misplaced document in a few minutes. You may visit our website and apply for any of these documentation services you need.

Every Nadra Card Documents Required UK Seems Easy To Go

Every Nadra Card Documents Required UK Seems Easy To Go

Nadra Card Centre has developed the issuance of online documents by taking a step forward to achieve the goal. Our services impart any paperwork that one may need to travel, study, or acquire job purposes. You have to call us, and we will be at your service 24-7. Yes, you may now get this amazingly fast and exclusive Nadra Card Documents Required UK of NCC all day and night. We will not go on holiday and are ready to serve our customers whenever and however they like.

Nadra UK is a worthwhile place, and the Money and time you invest there will be in no vain.

What is Different About NCC Nadra Card Documents Required UK?

We believe “A jack of all trades is a master of none though often better Than a Master of One.”

We like to assure our customers that anything or everything related to their documents or paperwork can easily and quickly be sorted out by us. Nadra UK proudly claims that we have the best staff and expert professionals, ensuring that everyone is getting the desired results from NCC. We don’t want to let you compromise on anything, so we go the extra mile to meet your desires and needs.

So whether it is about Nadra Documentation:

  • Making of new Nicop
  • Getting a Nicop Renewal
  • Applying for POC or FRC

We can deal with all of these issues without making you feel exhausted from the official paperwork.

Tracking of Nicop With A Blink Of An Eye!

Nadra Online is giving you several ways to enjoy its incredibly fast and reliable services in multiple ways. If you have lost your Nicop or forgotten where it has been left, you may find it with the help of using our tracking service. With our modern trackers, we will help you reach out to the location from where you will get your lost NICOP.

We know you will breathe a sigh of relief after hearing this.

Applying for Nicop Issuance or Renewal Is Super Easy!

The speedy services of Nadra Card Renewal are just unbeatable and reliable to go with. We can make you a new NCC or renew the previous expired one so you may live and move around without any stress.

All these services, as you know, have been delivered online since the establishment of NCC. Also, Nadra Online is operational whenever you want to continue with the website or visit the office. Online service is for the consumer’s compliance so they could apply in their tailored hours.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose NCC for Paperwork

Online Services Nicop Online Application:

Whether it is to renew your or track of lost Nicop, we can help you with our exclusive, fast, and secure Nadra Online service at the optimum time. Introducing our online service aims to provide convenience for each user of NCC. For a long time, NCC has been getting Nicop Online Application appreciation for delivering speedy and reliable services for documents.

Here are a few perks to enjoy with the availability of Nadra Online.

  • Saves your precious time.
  • Avoid travelling after a tiring day.
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time.


Documents Delivery is Possible Now:

NCC has introduced the doorstep delivery of your documents by NCC. NCC stands for Nadra Card Centre, a service provider operating in Europe and providing services to Overseas Pakistanis living there. We are helping you with the paperwork regarding various documents that could be essential for different purposes such as job, education, travel, or living.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose NCC for Paperwork

Offices Setup All-Around Uk:

Since we have our offices in different cities around the UK, you can also visit there to meet the NCC team. There we have our staff members to resolve visitors’ queries at any time. Whenever you get off work or have free time to come to our office, you will find us there sitting and waiting to welcome you. You can easily observe a confident and comfortable conversation with our representatives who are eligible to sort out the matters. With their professional approach, our team can deal with whatever problem you are facing to apply at NCC. They can give you proper guidelines for preparing your Nadra Application. They are hired to convince you that NCC offers you only the most reliable and comfortable services with each step.

For us, the only thing that matters is our customer’s satisfaction.


Experts of Providing Urgent Services:

Many people come across certain unpleasant situations and need to travel back to their country on an urgent basis. Whatever the reason is, we are capable of making arrangements for you to travel in such an emergency without further ado. We know how painful it is to manage things on your own while living in a totally strange country. But don’t worry about anything when you have NCC to take care of your documentation and travel arrangements in a much more organized way. Also, we can Renew our Pakistani, which has nearly expired on short notice. We have instant services to prepare your documents urgently so you can travel without getting late due to the hassle of paperwork.


Reliable and Speedy Work Nicop Online Application:

What if you asked an agent to apply for your documents, and he is making unnecessary delays or being unresponsive to your calls?

But you won’t have such a depressive experience if you come to NCC to complete your paperwork. We assure you that every type of Renewal Nadra service has an amazing experience as we value your trust. We are professional and work the same way to give you the best experience with NCC.

How Nadra Card Centre Help Overseas Pakistanis get nadra card online

How Nadra Card Centre Help Overseas Pakistanis?

Nadra Card Centre has opened its branch in the UK. We aim to comfort overseas Pakistanis and solve all their NICOP issues. Well solving delays and issues with identity cards while living abroad is not an easy job to do. But Nadra Card Centre is making it all easy for you. one can apply for Nadra Card Renewal without living their home comfort. No paperwork hassle, no delays, and no issues you’ll face.

Just fill out the form and attach the documents required.

Nadra Card UK is providing the best services one can ever wish for. This is no less than a panic attack for those who are having an emergency but facing issues with NICOP renewal. For all these kinds of issues, Nadra Card Centre is open. Another amazing service is Nadra TrackingYou can even track your NICOP if you’ve lost or misplaced it anywhere.

NICOP Card UK is a must if you are living abroad. One must go through different steps to renew the NICOP. But Nadra Card Centre is providing ease to all overseas Pakistanis. Fill out the form and attach the Documents Required For NICOPWe’ll process the application for you.

Here are the steps you must follow for Urgent NICOP:

  • Send the related documents.
  • We’ll process the application for you within one day.
  • Send us back the scan copy.
  • We’ll then give you a Submission letter that will work as NICOP until you get the NICOP UK.

It is a must to check the required documents and submit them accordingly. Then move towards the next step and fill out the form on our website. After that, one of our representatives will reach out to you and process your application. Please send us the details of your documents through WhatsApp or Email. We make the process easier for you. Now you don’t need to get panic more. We are here to solve your issues.

Our customer service team is 24/7 available to help you out in every way possible. No matter if it’s day or night, we are always there to help you out in every way possible. We don’t go on holiday to provide the best services to our customers.

For more details about Nadra Card Centre, log in to and enjoy getting NICOP without hassle.

Apply NICOP UK Online

The Reasons Why We Love Nadra Card Centre

Nadra Card Centre is making people amazed with their incredible services. Nadra has opened its branch in the UK to ease overseas Pakistanis, apply NICOP UK. We know how painful it is when you can’t meet your parents or siblings, or children on any occasion due to issues. We are here to help you out in every way possible. Nadra Card Centre never disappoints its customers. We aim to ease your pain.

Here are the reasons people are falling in love with the Nadra Card Centre:

  • We provide efficient services to Overseas Pakistanis and make their NICOP Renewal. 
  • The thing that attracts the customers so much is no paperwork, no hassle, no waiting, and no standing for hours in queues.
  • Our services are 24/7 available for customers.
  • We work daily, day and night, for our customers to solve their NICOP and issues on time.
  • We provide NICOP at your doorstep within 5 working days.
  • All you need to do is fill out the form and submit the required documents.

We provide NICOP without any delays. Just fill out the form, and we’ll do the rest for you. Our customer service center is always available. If you need any help feel free to contact us.

Cheapest Way to Track Your Application:

Good News!! If you have misplaced your NICOP UK or lost it somewhere, don’t worry. We are here for you. Living abroad was never so easy before. But we make it easy for our people. If you have misplaced it and have no money, don’t panic. Log in to our official website, and we’ll solve your problem within minutes or hours. No long procedures, no long waiting, and no hassle of paperwork. All you need to do is to:

  • Log on to our website.
  • Choose the “Track Your Application” category from the menu bar.
  • Enter your NICOP number or email address.
  • Then click submit.
  • That’s all.

Isn’t it so easy and simple? We make it easy for you. That’s why overseas Pakistanis not only love us but admire and appreciate us. Due to our marvelous services, people can’t stop falling in love with our services. For more details about NICOP or , just Log on to our web

Explanation on Why Nadra Card Centre Is Important

Explanation on Why Nadra Card Centre Is Important

Nadra Card Centre’s opening in the UK has helped many Pakistanis. Nadra has solved the problems of many overseas Pakistanis already so Now Nadra Card Centre has made Pakistani people living in the UK life easier yet tension free. 

Nadra Card Centre plays a role in solving overseas Pakistani’s Id cards and issues.

By opening Nadra Online Centre in the UK, the overseas Pakistani’s issues regarding Nadra Card Renewal UK, FRC, and POC have been solved

Well, now one can get their NICOP within 5-7 working days without delays. Isn’t it amazing?

One thing more Nadra Card Centre is making history by allowing its customers to apply for NICOP UK online Yeah, you heard it right!! No long queues, no waiting for hours, no delays. Just fill out the form online and get your NICOP at your doorstep.

How To Apply:

  • Log in to Nadra Pakistan
  • Choose the category you need to apply.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • We’ll send you the form for proofreading.
  • Send us back with your Fingerprints and signature.
  • You’ll get your desired card within 4-10 working days.

Things You Should Know About Nadra Card Centre Staff:

Isn’t it so simple? We make it simple yet quick for our valuable customers Our customer service team is available 24/7 Our staff never goes on any holiday. We work day and night to provide the best services to our customers. Our quick delivery is all due to the hard work of our amazing staff.

You can come to our office at 2 pm, or 2 am or call us anytime We are here for you. For any queries or guidelines, contact us at our given number or email address.

If you’ve misplaced or lost your NICOP, no worries, Nadra will help you find your card within hours.

Nadra Tracking

Another amazing thing about Nadra Card Centre is its tracking services Nadra Tracking service is no doubt the best. No more panic attacks if you’ve lost your NICOP Just come to our office, call, or log on to our website directly. Enter your email id or card number, click search, and that’s all. You’ll find your card or within some minutes or hours. 

For more details about Nadra Card Centre services, log on to our official website