What Documents are Required For Nicop?

What Documents are Required For Nicop?

Nadra Card Centre UK offers you a new Nicop and Nicop renewal service Online. Nadra Card Centre UK ensures that all the Nadra application work is made easy, simple, and convenient for the applicant Documents Required For Nicop.

A few documents required for nicop to apply for your new Nicop Card UK.

The Documents Required For Nicop Include The Following:

  1. Size picture
  2. Copy of Parent’s or sibling’s Nicop Card
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Marriage certificate (if applicable)

The following documents are essential to fill out your Nadra new Nicop application.

To apply to Nadra Online with Nadra Card Centre UK, all you have to do is fill out the apply now form on our website, and we will contact you! You can also call us on ———.

The Procedure 

Once you call us or contact Online, our well-trained staff members will guide you regarding the procedure for the online Nicop application.

A case agent will be assigned to you, who will be responsible for all the procedures for the application.

Wil shares all the documents through Telegram, a safe and protected platform, as we prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your personal information.

The next step is the filling and verification of your Nicop application form.

Once the case agent fills out the Nadra application form with your credentials, it is sent to you for verification and approval.

After your approval that all information is entered correctly, we will mail you the biometric form.

The biometric form is mailed to you in a prepaid return envelope with an inkpad for your convenience.

Your case agent also guides you on getting the perfect fingerprints on the form.

The next step is sending the form back to us without paying extra money.

If the customer prefers, we can also email the form, which you Can print out. After stamping the form with the applicant’s fingerprints, it can be scanned and emailed back to us.

After all the requirements are fulfilled, the applicant’s Nadra form is sent to the Nadra Head office.

At Nadra’s head office, further verification takes place. Once approved, the card is sent for printing. And once printing is completed, the card is dispatched to your mailing address.

Why Should You Really on Nadra Card Centre UK for your Nicop Card UK?

Nadra Card Centre UK is an online independent service provider that provides A-class customer service to all customers around the United Kingdom.

At Nadra Card Centre UK, it is made sure that every customer is dealt with with the best customer service and care. Our trained staff understands all our customers’ requirements and issues and provides them with the best possible solutions.

At Nadra Card Centre UK, the team is multilingual. This quality allows them to convey their messages and understand the customer’s requirements and needs.

The staff knows the inside outs of Nadra’s applications, so they make sure that the applications sent to Nadra’s head office are errorless.

Our customers come from different language backgrounds. We make sure that none of them feels uncomfortable when talking to our agents; thus, our agents make sure to talk to them in the language they prefer.

The services of Nadra Card Centre UK are available around the clock. This feature enables clients with strict schedules to apply for their Nicop application whenever convenient. Whether you wish to apply for your Nadra card early in the morning or late at night, we are available 24/7.

Our efficient team members are working hard to ensure that all the clients who trust us immensely are provided with the best service in town. Nadra Card Renewal UK has gained the trust of hundreds of customers over the years with its excellent Online Nicop Services.

We are proud to call ourselves the best Nadra Service Provider in the region.

Our Online Services Include The Following:

  1. New Nicop
  2. Nicop Renewal
  3. FRC – Family Registration Certificate
  4. POC – Pakistan Origin Card
  5. POA – Power of Attorney

Track Your Application:

With Nadra Card Centre UK, you can also check the status of your Nadra application. The Nadra Card Centre UK provides an online Nadra application Tracking service. This service allows you to keep track of your application’s status. The status shown can be any one of the following:

  • Submitted
  • Approved and sent for printing
  • Dispatched
  • Deferred

Submitted means that your application has been accepted at Nadra’s head office and is being processed.

Approved and sent for printing means that your application is verified and the card is in the printing process.

Dispatched means that the Nadra Card is printed and sent to your mailing address.

Deferred means that some more documents are needed to process your card.

By providing the tracking service, Nadra Card Centre UK ensures that applicants stay up-to-date with their application status. If the application is Deferred, the clients can quickly update the required documents and get their Nadra card on time!

Nadra Card Online | Apply For Nicop Renewal | Nadra Card Centre

How Can I Renew My Pakistani Nadra Card Online?

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues at the embassy to renew your Pakistani identity Card. The tiring paperwork and endless hassles made everyone dread Nadra’s card renewal. Nadra Card Centre is here to facilitate Pakistanis around the globe to renew their Pakistani ID card Online. Apply for Nadra Card Online. Yes, you read that right, ONLINE. No need to visit any office or embassy for Nadra services as Nadra Card Centre has brought all the Nadra services at your disposal, and that too in your comfort zones.

If you are at home or the office, you can access the Nadra card center easily through a simple internet connection.

The Process Is Pretty Simple Too:

You need to arrange a few required documents and send their soft copies to our agent, who will be responsible for filling out your application forms according to the data provided by you. Once the forms are filled, if you are 18 years old or above, you will receive a prepaid return envelope that includes the fingerprints form and ink pad. With your data, documents, fingerprints, and approval, your Nadra application will be sent to the Nadra head office for further processing.

At Nadra Card Centre, your application will be approved, and your card will be printed and dispatched to your mailing address shortly. So, yes, you can renew your Pakistani ID Card Online with Nadra Card Centre UK and receive your card at your doorstep. How Much Does It Cost To Renew Nadra Card UK? The cost of renewing Nadra Card Online depends on the type of service you choose.

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Fast: £199 each
  • Urgent: £180 each
  • Slow: £150 each

Note: This is a one-time payment; no additional charges will be added.

How Long Does It Take To Renew Nicop?

Renewing your Nadra identity card for overseas Pakistani (Nicop) takes about 7 to 10 working days to 6 working weeks, depending on the type of service you choose.

You Can Choose From The Services Mentioned Below;

  1. Fast: £199 each, in 7-10 Working Days of service. That is from the day we submit your application.
  2. Urgent: £180 each, in 3-4 Working Weeks Service from the day we apply.
  3. Slow: £150 each, in 6 Working Weeks Service from the day we apply.

Moreover, with Nadra Card Centre UK, you can keep track of your application. When your application is submitted to the Nadra head office, our agents will provide you with a tracking ID. You can visit our website, www.nadracarfcentre.co.uk, and choose the track your card option. Insert your Nadra Tracking ID to know the status of your Nadra application.

Perks Of Applying With Nadra Online Application System

Perks Of Applying With Nadra Online Application System

Apply for Nadra Card Online, and you can get through the entire paperwork process without any stress and difficulty. How? Because our Nadra office in Birmingham has brought this facility and convenience to apply from home online. Through this online method, we can receive and process hundreds of applications for different services at a time. Nobody needs to wait for long hours while standing in queues outside the Nadra offices in the middle of the day. You don’t have to put all of your work at a halt and spend hours sitting in your office, Nadra.

Nadra Card Center can help you apply for any paperwork in a matter of minutes.

Continuous and Uninterrupted Services

The Online Nadra Application process is working day and night. We keep our website working all the time, with no holidays or specific timings. You may visit our website to check out all the necessary details at any time. Moreover, you may seek help and guidance from our customer support team through Telegram, Email, Phone, or Live Chat. They are always available and looking forward to resolving any queries you have. We ensure our online presence and support are constantly active and available for our users and client. We understand the dynamics of paperwork and know that you may sometimes need your documents completed on an urgent basis. Therefore, we are always ready to help you out because providing you comfort is what always stays on top of our priority list.

Apply From Anywhere In Any Time


Our Nadra Online Application can be submitted from anywhere across the border. There is no need for the applicant to be present physically.

It is also one of the reasons that most overseas Pakistanis often come to us for their paperwork requirements. We assure you that everything will be done easily. And you won’t have to bear any problems, delays, or any other kind of unpleasant situation.

Our online services are currently available in the countries:

  • UK,
  • USA,
  • ITALY,
  • SPAIN,
  • DENMARK and many others

Save Your Time, Health, and Money

When applying for Nadra Card Online, you can also save your precious time, health, and Money. As we have mentioned, you can submit your application online without any urge to visit the office. No need to travel or quit your job or any other important work. You also don’t need to pay extra to any agent for urgent work when we are doing the same for a reasonable fee.

Our online method also keeps you safe from rushing to the overcrowded offices of Nadra. And as a result, you can ultimately submit your application without risking your health. But you can meet our team if it’s necessary after getting an appointment from our staff. Otherwise, we can offer you any help online. You will also get updates on your application status via SMS. Even the documents can be delivered to your home address.

Verified Your Documents Quickly and Safely - Pakistan Nadra Card

Get Your Documents Verified Quickly and Safely- Pakistan Nadra Card Renewal

Pakistan Nadra Cards Services

Do you know about our Pakistan Nadra Cards Online services? Have you tried any of them? You would have a worth-enjoying experience working with our team. We can renew your Nadra Card, FRC, POC, and other documents. We can render the services to apply from a new document. We can assist you in searching for the lost one. Simply put, we have brought an all-in-one service site for UK citizens.

We have got you covered from the new Nadra Card issuance for UK newborns to Renew Pakistani Origin Card. Every Pakistani who came abroad with a dream of getting admission to a renowned institute or a high-paying job needs these documents to carry with him. Therefore, we have brought things to your fingertips. You can access our Nadra Online services anytime from anywhere. And can also apply for whatever document you need at that time.

Family Registration Certificate:

Once settled, many Pakistanis who first came alone to the UK try to bring their family from Pakistan abroad. At the same time, others have their family already in the UK and want to travel with them to Pakistan. Whatever your reason for traveling is, you need this Family Registration Certificate to verify your and your family’s identity. It contains essential information about your family, such as your spouse and the kids.

Those who, when they moved abroad, was single and now have a family that is a married man need to apply for FRC Nadra OnlineAre you surprised to hear that now you can get your FRC online?

We, Nadra Card Centre UK, have set up a website offering all kinds of Nadra Online Services So, from now onwards, those Pakistanis living in foreign countries can apply for any document in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, or any corner of the world. Our website has got your back for some paperwork needs.

Pakistan Nadra Cards Renewal and Tracking

When you are in an emergency to travel, and your Nicop is expired, you can get into serious trouble. We have reduced our Urgent CNIC Delivery Time to 7 working days to avoid delays. So, if you need to visit Pakistan urgently, you may let us know 10-15 days before your departure date. We will help you quickly submit your application and send you a permission letter to safely travel with your Expired NICOP Card.

Why Majority Of People Are Visiting Nadra Card Peterborough?

Why Majority Of People Are Visiting Nadra Card Peterborough?

Now, our Nadra Card Centre Peterborough office is also open to the public. You may come to visit us anytime whenever you need our help. You will find our team working and resolving all your problems day and night. We are currently taking all and extra precautions to ensure your safety. If anyone wants to visit our office to meet the team in person, we advise you to make an appointment first. This and all other measures are being taken at our Nadra Card Centre Peterborough office to avoid crowding at our place.

Also, as we process your applications online so won’t be in need to must visit our office. You can do all the paperwork process from home. We will provide you with complete assistance and facilities to make it worth-enjoying to work with us.


We Take Actions On Time

We have seen a lot of people complaining about the paperwork process NADRA. They also say it’s terrible sometimes to go to their office and wait outside in queues to get their turn to submit an application. And those who search for agents who may help them by cutting out the excessive time and paperwork requirements often got cheated. In the name of quick delivery or sometimes cheap rates, these agents make attempts at fraud.

Therefore, to save people from any scam, Nadra Card Centre has launched both its online website and available physically. Also, our Nicop Executive Delivery Time is quite brief. We can process your applications rapidly and on time. And we can also deliver it to you before you can get it from any other source.

Our executive service for the Nicop application doesn’t take more than 10 days to complete.


Fast, Interrupted Tracking Service

Our website is known for the fastest and easiest Nadra Card Tracking service. We can track your Nadra Card in no time, no matter where you have lost it. Our experts will help you out by searching for its exact location. And will provide you the address to reach out to your lost ID card.

By means of this Nadra Card Tracking UK services, it has now been very easy to trace the location of people’s lost or misplaced documents. Otherwise, they can be in a very tough or miserable situation to deal with.

You can apply for this tracking service from home and we will send you an SMS update once we got the location of your Nicop.


Nadra Card Centre UK Is Trending In The Best UK Paperwork Services

Nadra Card Centre has been an outclass and remarkable service provider for several years. We have served thousands of people visiting us every day to ask for help and guidance in the paperwork process. The reason behind the foundation of this Nadra UK Office was only to provide people with a safe and easy way to accomplish their documentation tasks. There are various documents we need at different times when we are moving to a foreign country. That’s why Nadra Card Centre has brought to you the convenience to get any kind of help with paperwork with just a phone call. Our hard-working and devoted team is all ears to you 24/7 so, you will feel free to contact us at your suitable hours.

Why Us?

This question may arise in your mind if you are new to Nadra Birmingham. But it’s okay to ask any query you have and we would be pleased to satisfy you with our response. Developing friendly relations with customers helps us to know better about their problems and concerns and we try to find out solutions accordingly.


✓ The first and foremost important thing while applying for any online documentation service is to make sure they are registered, safe, and authentic. While living abroad you can’t afford to get into such kind of trouble. When we talk about NCC, it’s a 100% safe and registered website to apply for Nicop Card or Renewal process.


✓ We have an experienced team of talented individuals who know all the details and complications of the application process. Hence, we always try to ensure the best customer experience on our website.


✓ We are easy to access from anywhere at any time. How? Because we are operating online with 24 hours active service. Therefore, people don’t need to visit our office. If you are running out of time simply go to our website and fill out the form and then we will get back to you in the least possible time. You can also send your applications to us from other countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, etc.


 What did We do?

Nadra UK is providing you with a paperwork service for different documents.


Right now our provision of service is applicable to the following list of documents:


National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP or Nadra Card UK)

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Nadra Card for UK Newborn

You can apply for the issuance of the new document, renewal of the previous expired one, modification in the old document, and also tracking of the document if it is lost. Yes, Nadra Tracking service is no doubt an amazing service from which hundreds of people are taking advantage to find their documents without hassle.


With our unbeatable and super-fast tracking service, you can reach your lost or misplaced document in a few minutes. You may visit our website and apply for any of these documentation services you need.

Nadra Card Renewal UK

Nadra Card Check Online | Nadra Card Renewal UK

People are wondering how to process their application without renewal, where to find a safe and secure website to apply for an Urgent Nadra Card Renewal UK, and how to get the services of a reliable agent are the most miserable people these days. We know after the Government has given relief to the public re-opening flight operations for international flights has also brought certain challenges with it.

The offices of Nadra have received plenty of applications every day, whether it is for Nicop Card UK, Pakistani Renewal, or tracking of Nadra Card UK. This sudden outbreak that halted other life activities also stopped Nadra Card Office from working on the pending applications and paperwork. But now, as everything has started to resume the normal routine, we are also trying to figure out ways to deal with a maximum number of applications at a time.

Urgent Nadra Card Renewal UK 

Seeing that still many people have not been able to visit their families in Pakistan for more than a year, we have got a plan to work for everyone’s convenience. We are offering an urgent basis for Urgent Nadra Card Renewal UK. When you Apply for an Urgent Nadra Card Renewal Online, it will help you save much time, and you can also get the updates easily on your mobile phone. With the urgent Renewal process of Nadra Card UK, one can visit their homeland in the same month as the application process.

Procedure To Apply For Nadra Card Renewal UK

If you want to apply urgently for the renewal of your Nadra Card UK, follow the simple instructions below, and we will be pleased to process your application.

The Steps:

  1. Send us your documents to complete your application.
  2. Put the fingerprints on our given form and send the scanned copy back to us.
  3. After submitting your application, a permission letter will be issued to you.
  4. Now, you can travel with your original expired card and that submission letter.

Application Processing Time of Urgent Nicop

As we have already mentioned, urgent services are for the people’s convenience so they may travel as soon as possible the processing time is also quick accordingly. Your Nadra Card Renewal won’t take more than 7 or 10 days to be done and dusted.

Urgent Nicop Renewal Fee

Our executive service for urgent Nicop charges £199.

Call For The Duty

Our response to your applications is immediate and professional. We have a team with the best communication skills who know how to comfort people and help them get through the paperwork process without any disappointment.

Nadra Birmingham Is where we take pride in resolving our customers’ queries in the least time possible and helping them meet their friends and family without so many difficulties.

Online Check Of Application Process

You may check your application status for Nadra Card Renewal Online. It’s an application tracking feature we have updated to help you know how much time has been left to receive your Nicop and get on the flight finally.

Nadra Card Centre Works for the Issuance of Various Documents with Ease

Nadra Card Centre Works for the Issuance of Various Documents with Ease

Nadra Card Center is significant in solving all of your troubles either you have lost your card or misplaced it somewhere, we at Nadra Tracking will help you out through tough times as giving the best of services is our only first concern. In case you desire to track online, you have to create an account for Nadra’s official portal and make an account to log in. Fill in all the demands and check the status of your Nadra ID Card. We make things trouble-free and easier so our clients can get satisfaction without leaving home comfortably. You can easily Track your Nadra Application with Nadra card Centre

NADRA Card Tracking is an extremely stunning service given by NADRA Card Centre for clients. NADRA Tracking is here to perform its best for you in every problem. If you have misplaced or lost your NICOP somewhere don’t worry at all. NADRA Tracking UK services are excellent and authentic. So you can get your NICOP with us within just a few moments. You can come to us regardless of if there is a public occasion or some other holiday.


What documents are required for Nadra Card?

NADRA Tracking UK’s services are excellent and authentic. So you can get your NICOP with us within just a few moments. You can come to us regardless of if there is a public occasion or some other holiday.

  • The documents required are depending on you and the type of card you want to apply for, please contact us so we can send you your application documents.
  • You can also visit the link in the following to look out for the documents required regarding your application.
  • https://nadracardcentre.co.uk/documents-required/


Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is to give eligible foreigners unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots and Free entry into Pakistan. If you have a Pakistani Spouse with no roots in Pakistan then you are also able to apply for a POC as well. The POC is Valid for 5 Years.


How long will it be before you receive your NICOP/ POC Card?

You can get your card through executive services within 7 to 10 business days and with our normal service, you get it within 30 to 45 business days after the completion of your application.


How can you apply for Nadra Card?

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is a government-issued document to an able citizen of Pakistan who lives or has belongs abroad. Any person in Pakistan can apply for NICOP. The card allows you to travel to Pakistan without requiring a in case if you have dual nationality. NICOP Card is Valid for 10 Years. Your application can be verified by a Nadra Cardholder who are outside the family like your friends, colleague, neighbors.


We protect our client’s personal data:

Our website incorporates privacy controls which act on how we will process to make your personal data be private. By using the privacy controls, you can [specify whether you would like to get direct marketing communications and limit the publication of your information.

The Most Trusted and Professional One in UK - Nadra Card Centre

Nadra UK – The Most Trusted and Professional One

Nadra Card UK Online is the most trusted and renowned website for the paperwork needs of overseas Pakistanis. We have been dealing with these kinds of documentation issues since Nadra Birmingham was established. Now, we have gained a lot of experience, plus our teammates’ profound knowledge and wisdom enabled us to help our Pakistani brothers and sisters in their difficult times.

For the convenience of our customers, we have set up Nadra Card Offices in different states, such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, and many others, so people from all across the UK may visit Nadra Card UK if needed.

Learning Is A Positive Attitude:

We believe in bringing improvements with each passing day and, therefore, are always looking for what changes we can make by adapting to the Latest Technologies. To keep pace with the modern world, evolving and adapting to new things is necessary. Therefore, Nadra Card Centre always strives to be the best version of itself.

All our services, whether it is Nadra Card Renewal UK of Pakistani, or Poc Card UKwe always try to make easier and faster for the people who come to us for nothing but the best results.

Nadra Card’s Vision Is To Give You The Best

We aim to make this kind of the most important and useful service accessible for everyone in the UK. Many people either can’t visit us because they live far away from our location or look for affordable yet fruitful services to resolve their problems. To make it possible for everyone out there to get amazing, convenient, and stress-free service, we laid the foundation of Nadra Card UK Online.

From providing you with our expert advice to giving you the best and most adaptable solutions, we have got you covered with the best and quality services in every bit.

Some Basic Info Of Our Application Process

  • Online Based Application

We receive all your applications through our website. No need to come to the office, waiting for hours to get your turn so you can submit your documents and application. Now, we come to you by ourselves. You can use any electronic device (phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) and apply online.

  • E-Documentation Service

As mentioned above, we believe in learning new skills, so we work online to beat the speed; our entire process is based online. You can submit your application there, send the documents on WhatsApp, and even collect the finished document electronically. Isn’t it super easy and quick?

We can also deliver a copy of your document to the doorstep.

  • Processing Time

The processing time depends on two major things.

  • Application type
  • Service type

Whether you want to renew the expired or want to apply for a New NICOP, both documents have their own technicalities to deal with.

Also, we have three categories in services urgent, executive, and normal, based on which the fee for paperwork will also vary.

For a Detailed Guide of All Documents’ Paperwork, Visit Our Website Nadra Card Centre

Get Your Documents Without Leaving Home Comfort With Nadra Card Centre

Get Your Documents Without Leaving Home Comfort With Nadra Card Centre

Online Nadra Card Centre is a website that is highly skilled in providing amazing services of documentation and makes their delivery possible to your home within time. Applying for Nadra Card Online issuance or renewal by standing and waiting outside the Nadra offices is surely a difficult and hectic way. Nadra Card Centre is providing you with Nadra Card Online UK service. Nadra UK is a capable and trustworthy website to manage, execute, and deliver services for online NICOP applications.

Nadra Card Centre is great for solving all of your problems either your lost card or stolen one, we will help you out through tough times as providing the best of services is our only priority.  Nadra Card Centre is a service provider operating in Europe and providing services to Overseas Pakistanis living there. Nadra Card Centre has been cherished for delivering speedy and trustworthy services for documents.

FRC (Family Registration Certificate)

FRC NADRA can only be used for verification motives in matters for example acquisition for higher education, immigration, official visit, or foreign visit. Your NADRA Family Registration certificate will be delivered to your given e-mail address within 2-4 working days. You can apply for online FRC in the following three categories:

  • By Birth, this authorization will list your family details i.e. parents and siblings.
  • By Marriage, this authorization will list your family details i.e. spouse and children.
  • By Adoption, this authorization will show your family details i.e. guardian.

Application of Nicop card UK or nicop renewal UK:

To get your nadra identity card as an overseas Pakistani, you can Apply for Nadra Card Online you can directly apply through our online website portal.

Nadra Card Centre is providing tracking services:

Nadra Tracking is here to help you with every difficulty. NADRA Tracking UK services are excellent and authentic. So you can find your NICOP Card UK with us within a few minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Our vision is to provide overseas Pakistanis with satisfaction in every way possible. Now you can get your lost NICOP Card back by using Nadra Card Tracking Services without any worry.

The most effective method to Pakistani Renewal:

Applying for Nadra Card issuance or renewal by standing and waiting outside the Nadra offices is definitely a difficult and hectic way.

To avoid this terrible work, follow the steps below:

  • Visit The Official Website Of nadracardcentre.co.uk
  • Click On The Box ‘Apply Now
  • Fill in the information which we asked you for preparing an application
  • Select the service at Nadra Card Centre website
  • Submit the form
  • Send the required documents back to us which we asked you through email or WhatsApp.
On Urgent Basis:

People who are living abroad sometimes want to pay a visit to their family on an urgent basis. In this case, we provide comfort to them. We also provide an urgent or NICOP renewal services. You can get your urgent NICOP Card within 24 hours. Nadra Card Centre brings Nicop Card services at the fingertips for the people who are living abroad.