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How Long Does it Take to Renew Nadra’s Card? – Nadra Card Centre

Nadra Card UK is an online Nicop services provider working for its clients. Nadra Card Centre works around the clock to ensure quick Nadra, Nicop Renewal, and many other application processing

It takes different numbers of days to get your Nadra Card Renewed through Nadra Card UK, depending upon the customer’s chosen service.

Nadra Card Centre provides three essential services for Nadra Card Renewal Online.

These Include the Following:

  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Urgent

These are the essential services, but there’s more good news, Nadra Card UK also provides services for your Urgent Travel Plans. You Can Travel With An Expired Nicop 

How Can I Travel on an Urgent Basis if My Nicop Renewal Is Due?

If your Nadra Card is expired and you must travel urgently, Nadra Card Centre has covered you.

You can apply for our exclusive Urgent services through which your Nadra Card Renewal application is processed and submitted in a single day. We are provided with a submission letter. Upon getting the submission slip, you can easily Travel. You will need your valid, Expired Nicop and the submission slip.

How to Nadra Card Renewal Online?

The Nadra Card Renewal Online is a relatively easy task. Our Nadra Card UK team can make the whole procedure easy and convenient for you.

The first step to getting your Nicop renewed is to fill up the ‘apply bow’ form on our website. That will help us get back to you.

Once our connection is established, we will proceed your Nicop Renewal application .

The first thing we ask you to do is to gather all the required documents.

Once you submit your required documents, we go through them thoroughly to verify them for further process.

After verifying your documents, we will do all the paperwork for your Nadra application. This application is first sent to you for confirmation of your details. After your approval, we will send you the biometric or fingerprint forms to your mailing address.

The biometric form comes in a prepaid return envelope with an inkpad for your convenience.

You must use the ink to get your fingerprints on the form correctly. We are sending you a tutorial video to ensure the correct biometric form. You can watch the video thoroughly and follow it step-wise.

After you complete the fingerprint form, you mail it back to us without additional cost, as we already pay for its return.

After receiving your fingerprints, we process your Nicop Renewal application and send it to the Nadra head office.

At the Nadra head office, your application is verified and approved.

The approval follows by your card being sent for printing.

Once your renewed Nicop is printed and dispatched to your mailing address.

The only work you need to do in this process is to give us your documents and fill out the fingerprint form. The rest is all done by our well-trained staff.

How Can I Keep Track of My Nicop Renewal Application?

Nadra Card Centre UK provides Renewal services and facilitates its customers with their Nadra Card tracking.

Once the client’s application is suitors to Nadra Head office, we provide the applicant with their tracking ID. This tracking ID can be used to track their Nadra applications’ whereabouts.

The applicant can easily use this tracking code on our website to know the status of the Nadra Card Once the tracking ID is typed into the tracking bar, one of the following statuses of the application are shown:

  1. Approved and submitted
  2. Sent for printing
  3. Dispatched
  4. Deferred

The first stage means that the information on your Nadra application is verified, and your request for Card Renewal is approved.

The following status tells that your card is derived from the printing process.

The third status indicates that your card has been printed and delivered to your mailing address.

The fourth status means that, for some reason, your Nadra application is not accepted. Some documents need to be included, or the head office requires more records for verification.