Renew Nadra Card

How Can I Renew Nadra ID Card?

Last month I was worried as my Nadra Card was expired and I had to travel to Pakistan the next month! I knew that with my Nadra Card UK, I couldn’t go to Pakistan. My immediate thought was to Renew Nadra Card as soon as possible. I remembered that one of my friends had mentioned Nadra Card Centre UK. She had a fantastic experience applying for Nadra Card Renewal with them.

I quickly visited the website, and after a thorough reading, I knew these people were authentic.

I filled out the ‘apply now’ form on their website and was soon contacted by their agent for the renewal of my Nadra ID Card.

The Procedure of Renew Nadra Card:

Renewing my Nadra Card became so much easy with Nadra Card Centre UK.

The Nadra Card Centre makes the Nadra application process easy for everyone. Once the ‘apply now’ form is filled, a Nadra Card UK agent contacts the applicant.

You must download the Telegram application, a safe and secure platform to share required documents.

The well-trained staff at Nadra Card Centre  will assist you at every step.

First, The Brief About the Whole Procedure and Cost of the Application. Once We Approve, they Start Our Application Process.

We are told to gather the required application for the Nadra Card application.

We scan and submit the soft copies of these required documents, and they do all the paperwork for us.

The Nadra Card Centre UK agent verifies our documents and sends us the payment details. Next, we have to pay the upfront cost of the application. Plus, there are no other payments or charges to be paid later.

Once the payment is cleared, the agent fills out the Nadra application form. After completing the application form, it is sent to us to check the details to minimize errors. After our approval, the agent sends the fingerprint form through the post in an enclosed, pre-paid envelope and an ink pad.

We are also guided about how to get the correct fingerprint on the form without making any mistakes.

After submitting the fingerprint form, the agent further processes the Nadra Card application and forwards it to the Nadra Head office. At Nadra Head Office, the application is further verified and processed. The card is sent for printing.

Once the card is printed, it is dispatched to the mailing ID we provided.

The procedure is undoubtedly long and hectic, but the good part is that most of this lengthy procedure is handled by the Nadra Card Agent on our behalf! All we have to do is provide documents, pay the due amount, check if the information on the form is perfect, and finally, wait for the renewed Nadra Card UK to be delivered to our doorsteps!

How Much Does Nadra Card Centre UK Charge for Nadra Card Renewal?

The renewal cost of Nadra Card UK depends on the type of service the clients choose.

There are Three Categories of Renew Nadra Card: Fast, Urgent, and Slow.

  1. Fast: The fast application process costs around £199. The fast-track application takes 7-10 Working Days to process and deliver the Nadra ID Card.
  2. Urgent: Urgent application has a price of £180. The application is processed in this service, and the card is delivered to the mailing address in 3 to 4 working weeks.
  3. Slow: The slow-track application costs £150. You can receive your

Renewed Card in 6 Working Weeks Through the Slow Track.

The time frame for each type is from the day the application is submitted.

What other Services does Nadra Card Centre UK provide?

Other than the Nadra ID Card, Nadra Card Centre UK also Offers the Following Services Online:

  • New Nadra Card
  • Family Registration Certificate – FRC
  • Pakistan Origin Certificate – POC
  • Power of Attorney – PoA
  • Lost Nadra Card

All these services Nadra Card Centre UK provides are online to make the applicant’s task easy and convenient.

Nadra Card Centre UK is a reliable and trustworthy Nadra service provider that values our time and provides first-class customer service to all its customers!