Update on voting in Pakistan

Overseas Pakistanis Voting:

  • Overseas Pakistanis vote is expected to have re-elections as per the recent happenings in the country. Once again the Pakistanis will decide their future with the power of their Overseas Pakistanis vote.
  • Approximately 8.8 million Pakistanis live abroad, they like others are very much a part of Pakistan and wish to cast their vote and become a part of deciding the future of their beloved country.
  • Overseas Pakistani votes from around the world could possibly entirely swing Pakistani Elections. If the government arranges for the overseas Pakistanis to have their say in the re-election, the voters will have to be NICOP holders.
  • Any person without a valid NICOP will not be allowed to cast Overseas Pakistanis vote. Thus, meanwhile, we wait for the government to give directives, we must get our NICOP cards updated and be prepared just in case.
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  • To be prepared to be a part of the Change you wish to see in your country Pakistan, get your NICOP updated.