What is Nicop Nadra

What is Nicop Nadra

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is the official government organization responsible for maintaining a centralized database of Pakistani citizens. NADRA offers two types of identification cards as part of its services: the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).

The NICOP, also known as the “NICOP Nadra,” is a unique identification card issued to Pakistani citizens residing abroad. It is an official proof of identity and facilitates their interaction with various government and private institutions. The NICOP card also grants certain privileges and benefits to overseas Pakistanis, enabling them to engage in various activities within Pakistan.

What Is The Difference Between Nadra and Nicop Card?

The primary difference between CNIC and NICOP cards is their target audience. The CNIC is issued to Pakistani citizens residing within the country, while the NICOP card is specifically designed for overseas Pakistanis. The NICOP card allows overseas Pakistanis to maintain their Pakistani citizenship and identity while living abroad.

Another significant difference is the documentation required for obtaining each card. For the CNIC, applicants must provide proof of residence within Pakistan and other supporting documents. On the other hand, the NICOP card requires proof of Pakistani citizenship, such as a Pakistani passport and proof of residence abroad.

In terms of validity, the CNIC is issued for a lifetime, while the NICOP card is typically valid for ten years. However, it’s worth noting that the validity period can vary based on the applicant’s age and other factors.

Is Nicop and CNIC Same?

No, the NICOP and CNIC are not the same. While both cards are issued by NADRA and serve as official forms of identification, they are intended for different purposes and target different groups of individuals.

The CNIC is meant for Pakistani citizens residing within the country. It contains important personal information, such as the individual’s name, photograph, date of birth, and unique identification number. The CNIC is a mandatory requirement for various activities within Pakistan, including opening bank accounts, obtaining a driver’s license, casting votes, and availing government services.

On the other hand, the NICOP card is specifically designed for overseas Pakistanis. It enables them to maintain their Pakistani citizenship and enjoy certain privileges while residing abroad. The NICOP card also serves as an identification document and facilitates Overseas Pakistanis in dealing with Pakistani institutions, such as embassies, consulates, and banks. It allows them to participate in elections and travel to Pakistan without requiring a visa.

Apply Nicop Nadra through NCC

To apply for a NICOP Nadra card, overseas Pakistanis can conveniently utilize the Nadra Card Centre (NCC) services. The NCC is an authorized service provider specializing in assisting individuals with applying for NICOP and other NADRA-related services.

The NCC offers a user-friendly online platform that simplifies the NICOP application process. Through the NCC website (www.nadracardcentre.co.uk), applicants can access comprehensive guidance and support for completing their NICOP application accurately. The website provides detailed instructions, step-by-step guidance, and downloadable application forms, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free application process.

  • To apply for a NICOP Nadra card through the Nadra Card Centre, applicants need to follow these general steps:
  • Visit the NCC website (www.nadracardcentre.co.uk) and navigate the NICOP application section.
  • Read the guidelines and instructions carefully to ensure eligibility and gather the necessary documents.
  • Fill out the ‘apply now’ form accurately on the Nadra Card Centre website.
  • Gather the required supporting documents, such as a copy of the Pakistani passport, proof of residence abroad, and any other relevant documents as specified.
  • Review the completed application form and supporting documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • Submit the application form and supporting documents to the Nadra Card Centre via the provided online submission portal.
  • Pay the applicable fees securely through the NCC’s online payment system.
  • The NCC team will review the application for completeness and accuracy once the application is submitted.
  • The NCC team will contact the applicant if any additional information or documents are required.
  • The NICOP Nadra card will be delivered to the provided address after successful processing.

By utilizing the services of the Nadra Card Centre, overseas Pakistanis can ensure a smooth and efficient application process for obtaining their NICOP Nadra card, saving time and effort.

The NICOP Nadra card is a unique identification card issued by NADRA specifically for overseas Pakistanis. It serves as proof of identity and offers various benefits and privileges to Pakistani citizens abroad. While there are differences between the CNIC and the NICOP card, such as their target audience and required documentation, both cards play crucial roles in establishing and maintaining the identity and citizenship of Pakistanis, whether they reside within the country or overseas. Applying for a NICOP Nadra card can be done conveniently through the Nadra Card Centre’s online platform, ensuring a streamlined process for overseas Pakistanis.